What are your prices?

The prices on our site represent our standard everyday pricing.

For pricing, contact David at david@crimsonhomes.com.

How do I submit additions or changes to the magazine?

There is a link in the top right of the home page titled “magazine”. 

The forms for making changes are the same as we have always used.   

Can I schedule photography services online?

Yes, you may now schedule online. Please click the links below to setup an account or to login to your existing account.

How do I setup an account?

Can I still schedule via text to David?

Yes, although we would prefer everyone to schedule online, you may still schedule via text.

Why aren’t you using RTV anymore?

We changed to Full Frame for the online ordering system and the ease of use for agents

to download photos.

Are prices changing?

Our prices have not changed. The prices reflected on our site are our everyday prices.

Prices for magazine preferred customers also remain the same.

What photography services do you offer?

We offer a full line of photography, drone, Matterport, video and graphic design services.

Please email david@crimsonhomes.com for any questions about services offered.

Do you have ELB Supra access?

We do in the Birmingham MLS area, but do not in Tuscaloosa.

Can you load photos onto the MLS?

We can in the Birmingham MLS area, but cannot in Tuscaloosa.

What geographical areas do you cover?

In short, we’ll go anywhere, including out of state. Our primary markets are West and Central Alabama. Trips outside of this area may incur additional charges.

What should I have my homeowner do to prepare for a photo or video shoot?

Click below to download our home prep PDF.

When I select a date for photography, is that a final date?

No. The date you select represents when you are telling us the home is available to shoot.

We will then contact you with the first available good time for your shoot based our calendar and on the best time of day for that home.

Why does time of day matter for a home?

We prefer to have the sun on the front of the home to eliminate shadows and make the home more warm and appealing. 

Who owns the photos once they are delivered to the agent?

Crimson Homes Photography retains ownership rights of the photos. The agent receives a one-time license for the photos to market the property. The license is not sellable or transferrable, including to the homeowner.

Can I sell, transfer, or give the photos away?

Crimson Homes Photography retains the ownership rights to the photos unless you have a written agreement stating you have ownership. The photos cannot be sold or transferred to another agent without the written consent of Crimson Homes Photography.

Can I buy the photos outright?

Yes, please email david@crimsonhomes.com if you are interested in purchasing the photos outright.

How fast do I get the photos after the shoot?

Although we do not guarantee same-day delivery, we generally deliver photos the same day as the shoot.

How fast do I get the video after the shoot?

Videos are generally delivered within 24 hours after the video shoot.

Is Crimson Homes photography FAA certified?

Yes, all of our drone pilots are Part 107 certified drone pilots and fly within FAA regulations.

Is Crimson Homes photography insured?


You photographed for me. Why do I not see the listing posted on the Crimson Homes magazine Facebook?

The Crimson Homes magazine Facebook page is reserved for properties that are advertised in Crimson Homes magazine. Photography-only properties do not get promoted on the magazine page.

I’m an interior designer, an architect or a rental company — are these prices good for me as well?

No. Please email david@crimsonhomes.com for a quote on designer, architectural, or rental photography.

When are the deadlines for Crimson Homes magazine?

In most cases, the deadline is the first Friday of each month.

What area does Crimson Homes magazine service?

Crimson Homes magazine has coverage in Tuscaloosa, Bibb and Hale counties.

How many copies of Crimson Homes goes out each month?

8,000 copies are printed each month.

How many distribution locations does Crimson Homes go to?

Crimson Homes magazine is distributed to 200 locations.

I am an affiliate of TAR. How do I advertise in Crimson Homes magazine?

Email david@crimsonhomes.com for more advertising information.